great salvage piece before

vintage salvage store counter

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Saved from the burn pile.

I was very lucky to have gotten this nice section of vintage store counter.  A friend of mine had already moved the poor thing out to a meadow and it was ready to be burned with other scrap wood.

I claimed it , covered it with a tarp and arranged to have it brought to my building.  Once it was inside, I realized how huge it is but I think it will be a great check out or display counter in the shop.  The condition is quite rough but there is a lot worth saving. The entire front is done in oak panels and is completely intact.  I wonder what the three cubby slots were for?

Stay tuned to see what I end up doing to this rough customer.  Spruce up the finish? paint it? What will I find for the countertop?  Can the broken door (see it laying on top) even be repaired?

great salvage piece before

great salvage before



One thought on “vintage salvage store counter

  1. kelly

    Have you done anything with this? or are you wanting to sell it as is?


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