Side of the road vintage salvage treasure!

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vintage salvage

scanning the roadsides

Today I was driving along and out of the corner of my eye, I caught the glint of a piece of mirror from within a pile of wood on the side of the road. I have a great little frame that needs a piece of mirror so, being the dutiful vintage salvage junker that I am, I decided I would stop on the way home and see if there is a piece big enough to cut to fit. I stopped there a couple hours later and this is what I found!

This was not a free pile or even anywhere close to a house. I think someone may have been moving or heading to the dump and a couple things flew off the back of their vehicle and landed next to the road in a heap.

vintage salvage

asymmetrical wash stand mirror with towel bars

vintage salvage

dresser mirror frame with little shelves

Everything was soaking wet so I knew they had been there for a few days based on when we had our last rain. I picked up all the pieces and stowed them in my trunk.

Believe it of not, after all that, the mirror was still intact! Once I unloaded the car, I was able to get the two pieces figured out. I will let them dry and then I can repair them.

One piece is an asymmetrical oak mirror and towel rack for a victorian wash stand.             The other is a mirror frame for an oak dresser, possibly also victorian. both have great detail and, other than being wet and disassembled, they are in good condition. SCORE!

vintage salvage

detail asymmetrical mirror

vintage salvage

detail dresser mirror frame.

There are a number of extra pieces that I believe are part of a dresser for the larger mirror frame. No drawers, back or sides were found so I will redo the mirror frame and find some use for the other pieces.  Everything is oak and the dresser mirror frame has some great blue paint still on it.

Maybe the lesson in all of this is:  Learn to cut glass and then buy good glass cutting tools. I may not have stopped if I always had to get mirror at the hardware store.

Still looking for a nice piece of old mirror for the other frame though.

As I have said before, keep scanning the roadsides!

What side of the road treasures have you found? I would love to hear from you!

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