vintage salvage junker how to

What A Junker Carries In The Car.

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Salvage happens, junk happens… Be Ready!

vintage salvage junker how to

Yard sale find: Lovely used print on canvas







vintage salvage junker how to Vintage salvage find with beautiful patterned glass squares.

Vintage salvage side of the road find with beautiful patterned glass squares.


 I drive a lot and have gotten myself into the habit of scanning for free items or yard sales every time I am out running the roads. Here are a few things I keep in my vehicle in case I find something.  I will generally regret not stopping if something catches my eye so I like to be ready.


I normally have some cash with me in case I find a yard sale or items for sale on someone’s porch. Asking people to take a check from a stranger is uncool and is something I avoid.

A small tape measure is also in my purse.  (Not that that will stop me from taking something that I have no room for!)

Here’s what’s in my trunk:

An old blanket and a tarp to wrap things in or protect my car and the item in case I need to strap something to the roof.

A couple ratcheting tie-downs to strap things to the roof or hold the trunk lid down.

Some red tape to use as a flag in case an item hangs out the back.  I think items protruding four feet or more require a flag but I stick it on anything hanging out the back, to be safe. A red rag and a few thumb tacks is also a good option.

Screwdrivers, crescent wrench, pry bar, and hammer in case things need to be taken apart to fit in my vehicle.

A few zip lock baggies to safely store screws, bolts and other small items. I normally wash out my used zip lock bags and then re-use them for junking and in my workshop.

There have been times when I have come across larger items that I want but cannot take immediately. If the owner is home, they’re normally happy to put it back into the garage so I can come for the item later. When no one is home, I have left a note but usually I just take my chances that it will be there later.

It is important to remember that if you are not sure the item is free, take a moment to ask. While you’re at it, no harm in asking what else they might have that hasn’t made it to the curb yet.

There is very little to lose, if you get the item home and end up not wanting it, put it out on your curb and someone else will take it. Putting things out is actually fun and satisfying and I always hope whoever takes my stuff will be as thrilled to get a great freebie as I am.

 Gather a small kit in your trunk and keep scanning the roadsides.

What fabulous junk have you picked up in your travels? I would love to hear from you.

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